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A Tribute to Janine Sutto

On June 19th, Louis Vincent, President of TST and President of the MAIH’s board (Montreal Association for the Intellectually Handicapped and Renaud Judic, Community Life Coordinator, escorted Mireille Deyglun, daughter of Janine Sutto, to the Prix À part entire ceremony at the National Assembly.

During this event, a posthumous tribute was awarded to Janine Sutto, spokeswoman for the MAIH over the last 40 years. Mireille Deyglun received the tribute in place of her mother who, each year for almost 40 years, hosted the Soirée-Théâtre Janine Sutto to fund the research in intellectual disability.

Though Ms. Sutto’s passing has left a hole that will be hard to fill, Mireille Deyglun and her family are proud to give their support to the association, as Janine Sutto used to.