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March 22nd 2018, 7 pm – A Thursday night like no other !

The amphitheater’s bleachers are overflowing. The spiders have taken their seats, the dust has settled, the architects are feverish and TST has nothing to lose. The goalkeepers are nervous, the tension is palpable and the cameras are pointed on the big stars.

The 1st period starts and the architects show their talent by rapidly, and drastically, taking the lead. Bédard-Barette captivates his teammates and sweats… with all he has.

Laguë and Larouche consult each other and make some changes. The wind turns, there are only 30 seconds left in the 2nd period, TST scores 3 goals. It’s never been seen, 30 continuous seconds. There’s something there !

The 3rd period is dominated by TST, regardless of the 2 goal lag that separates them from TLA, which persists. The gap narrows and TST retires it’s rising star, the goalkeeper DePani… hum… first name Sebastiano.

Laguë and his army are on fire. A cannonball is shot and ‘voilà’ ! They’re even.

The overtime period creates frustrations for some and moments of hysteria for others !

The attached picture explains the conclusion of this historic moment for TST.

Next years’ contracts are ready to be signed. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing at TST. Reporters and aspiring players want to talk to someone… anyone !

ROBERT CUMMINS, Chief Executive Officer
Sports commentator in the making

(Editor’s note : You must take into consideration the fact that TST’s deck hockey team had lost ALL of it’s 2016-2017 games, only to find itself in 3rd position at the end of the 2017-2018 season ! CONGRATULATIONS to all our players !!!)